First Farm Update

We are officially 5 days away from the end date of our kickstarter, and currently 98% funded! Only 2% seems like a breeze now, although we nonetheless appreciate all of the people sharing our project with others and helping us coast to the finish line. The support has been really incredible, and fuels us to make this summer worth while for all of us.

I arrived in Vermont 2 weeks ago and have been enjoying the enchantments of spring while planting seeds and setting everything in motion. I am happy to have my work cut out for me. Eddie will be the first of our interns to make it to the farm on the 15th, and Scott and Clay will be driving from Minnesota after they finish up their last semester of the year. In this week Scott will be a graduate!

Here on the farm…

most of my time has been spent turning these…        into this.


I have also been excitedly tending to our sprouts. Some of them are indoors under lights while others have been staying outside during the day and coming in at night. We still have had some mild frosts, but I think it is safe to say things will go into the ground rather soon. Here is some baby swiss chard, a lemon cucumber sprout, and a tray of mountain princess tomatoes.



Today I transplanted two beds of sweet onions. Image

and mulched the arugula with grass clippings.Image

Vermont is remarkably beautiful this time of year.Image

Tomorrow, we will till the ground.


I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.